Community MLH

Space and tools
towards liberation

Community MLH will be designed to assemble a collaborative gathering of individuals, organisations and communities working with love and purpose, to contribute to our sustainable healing and empowerment. We exist to help facilitate the Call to Action and assist with an exchange of information to benefit anyone working toward this end.

We will curate and develop a diversity of tools for multiple levels of this movement to provide guidance and assistance to those organizing. We will create a directory with a multitude of non-profit organizations and community groups and make written articles and resources available on a variety of issues. We will also be facilitating funding opportunities for frontline organizations, providing community intervention programs for effecting sustainable solutions.

Community MLH brings together:

Offering financial support for frontline organizations pursuing sustainable solutions

Community MLH will offer financial support to frontline organizations providing sustainable solutions through community outreach programs. Qualified initiatives for funding may include: criminal justice and policy reform, human and civil rights legal support, racial justice and equality initiatives, excessive force prevention, de-escalation and conflict resolution training, positive police-community outreach, community watch and self-security programs, restorative justice, organizations who provide bail funds for protestors, voter education, encouragement and registration organizations for local and national elections, therapeutic initiatives addressing trauma, supplementary educational programs, other related projects

If you work with such a frontline organization or program, please submit your email to be included in our forthcoming request for proposals.